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What Could Be...

It was a shock,
with Sir Charles knocking me for a loop.
Being seventy, 
he has a keen sense of his own mortality
and there's no one to carry on the name.
He blames me for his lack of coupling,
but I'm in the same boat.
We met then drifted apart,
now he's a change of heart and this sudden dilemma.
So, we meet at a hotel and he tells me his plan.
I'm good genetic material,
yet my biological clock has nearly stopped.
Tempus anima rei.
Tick tock.  Tick tock.
Then I see us in the mirror,
clinging to our own mortality.
I can't do this dastardly deed,
but I can't let go of the need to be 
with him.
And so I think 
what could be.

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