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masturbate in front of 12 watt televisions
attach magazine cutouts
play the instant lottery religiously
weep at car crashes
visit the mental hospital 4 times
do various things as methods of protest
notice what you're doing wrong and try to correct you
watch television and recognize shows
slam doors
go to the market overweight and bend at the hips over
the tomato counter
notice what you're doing and comment
incessantly drive short distances in a day's time
create art competitively 
believe in the virtues of the medicated mind
receive sexual gratification on a healthy basis
grow concerned over money
sometimes dance when music is played and dancing is encouraged
play music on radio stations when driving
get road rage
notice how you look and comment
want your dollars
want to kill you
want your ass occasionally
want to bury you when you die and give you a gravestone
go to school and appreciate the benefits of education
don't take their art too seriously 
give up their art at some point in their life
clean their houses
wash their cars
smirk at strange things
don't desire too much more than they already have
or desire too much more than they already have
brag about their stays in mental hospitals
only want to do business with you
only want to be your friend
seek to speak formally and professionally at all time
dress nicely
enjoy their jobs
don't care about your sad lives
care about what you think
think something must be done
get married
get divorced
get laid
get drunk
complain of boredom
want something from you
they age
they reminisce
they fondly

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