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CHRISTOPHER MULROONEY can make up words if he wants to

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWhether he's writing about a cab driver, a legal contract or a Pachinko parlor, Christopher Mulrooney can show you something about his subject that you've never seen before. His poems are vibrant and clever, exploring the bizarre in the ordinary. We're proud to present nine of his poems here.

Christopher has translated The Illuminations by Rimbaud: check it out at http://membres.lycos.fr/mulrooney. He has a new book out, notebook and sheaves, available at the Unlikely Stories bookstorea. Drop him a line at lospoesy@earthlink.net.

Christopher's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

three views of Mt. Whitney
cinquains for Coalinga Jct.
after the phalanx

tuchas offen tisch
You have a new order
mad about the something
sparklers in the net
a dry poem