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spade bourbon

I took the shotgun from the bushes and walked
In between the streetlights with firm clench unaware
Holding the gun
The girl was dancing around to no visible music
"excuse me
she was unresponsive so I whipped her with the
gun and she collapsed onto a trashcan knocking it over
and knocking out the contents
a wad of flesh and cloth owning but a single
arm dragged itself from the can and between
the stacks of riveted scrap and glass enclosures
an exhaust pipe protruding his exposed gritty rectum
I kicked it and a smell of gasoline perforated my nostrils
Putting the young lady in the can I rolled it down
The street with my feet occasionally stopping
To shoot myself in the face with the shotgun
Particles of blood and meat snagged my collar
The can with the young lady's limp body escaped
Me and barreled down a hill
I chased after accidentally firing a round at a 
House shattering a window
I reclaimed the can next to an aluminum brake
Wall and drug her out by her hair through the
Dirt and into the woods
I could hear children laughing vaguely
And sweeping in between the trees like animated shadows
Throwing her body over a treestump I undressed her
"what did you do to me
two clovers
I could hear her stomach belching and rumbling
"please give me a douche if you douche my pussy 
i'll eat your shit with garlic salt
the lump was still asleep
clam throat
how much damage can someone
as useless as myself cause
I took the cheeseburgers two I bought at 
McDonald's and began to eat
The task was kind of dull so I regurgitated 
The food into lumps asshole I was prying open with my
Fingers and sucked it back out again
The stench of vagina seemed fragrant on each leaf
I only felt infuriated
The girl stood up and wobbled around when I
Noticed developing tadpoles bursting diarrhea from
Her arched legs frogs and small wet lizards that
Slithered into the leaves
I drank your douche water, I hope you donít mind
There was a burst and then a gush of reptilians 
Spewed from between her legs into a pile
She passed out and I put a shotgun shell
Up her ass followed by the gasoline
I decided to give her the douche
The gasoline would have to suffice
Her bowels inflated and she wobbled around
Trying to lick the tip of my cigarette
I am the moon and an aluminum pie tin
Nothing much, but a few wet handfuls of guts
She made feline screeching noise and the gasoline came
Pouring out of her asshole
She realized what it was with the smell
Donít burn me alive, i'll do anything you ask
She bent over
Or at least cum up my ass before you kill meÖ. I'm a virgin
She giggled
I took a handful of fishhooks and began to force my hand into her gasoline smelling ass
Hey! What are you DOING?!
You said I could do anything I wanted
Before she could answer she burst into flame
She tried to dive move put herself out but
I whipped her again with the shotgun and
Her flaming body fell at my feet
I urinated on her to put out the fire then
Piled her on top of herself
Her burnt skin breaking open
I cut her seared shut asscheeks open with a pocket knife
And pressed my erection into the soft warm jellied
Meat that remained where her asshole once was
Shit gurgled out and her blackened skin peeled off her body
The television turned off and I dragged her whimpering body
Into the street
Hate never dies.

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