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old fruit

bukowski helping carve out a voice, a perspective lens for that which actually happens to me and not the poetic delusions which i am prone to
bukowski has civilized by making poetry obtainable by me, this is the task of the writer, to lessen burden
in addition to bukowski, samuel beckett, only he makes it seem so easy that it is deceptive, his simplicity seems like a product of his complex insanity, but everyone has one of these ive learned, undoing my last insanity
john fante, almost unexplainable, he presents no riddles, no drunkedness, only reality, with writing as his sole vice, fantes writing an enigma because so simple reality driven into words
he ignores all bullshit of writing and life
kerouac, dream obsessed, sacred
religious drunken fervor and writing
poetry, poetic prose, life inside words sentences
death and with all insanity the realization of the exact truth of reality
twisted words loud annoying music of life
shorn at the gut
after lust dream madness come ashes

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