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CHRISTOPHER WOODS walks with one eye over his shoulder

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe narrative poems of Christopher Woods prove that we don't have to scream our emotions to discuss the emotional realm. Telling stories of characters such as blind massage artists and inbred, violent highwaymen, he indirectly explores issues of lust, loneliness, and inadequacy. His poems are slowly and quietly disturbing.

Christopher Woods is a native Texan who writes fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays. His work has appeared in over three hundred publications in the U.S. and in fourteen foreign countries. Some of these publications include Columbia, The Southern Review, New England Review and Short Story International.

His plays have been produced in Houston, Ft. Worth, Memphis, Minneapolis, Providence, Chigago, Los Angeles, New York and Santa Fe. They include A Woman on Fire, a drama about a woman whose husband and child perish in a mysterious house fire; Moonbirds, about census-takers in a remote Third World country; Interim, about souls in Purgatory; Pillow Dreams, about Alzheimer's and matricide; Terms of Idiocy, a comedy about films, divorce, therapy and movie star worship; Immaculate Perception, a comedy about a dysfunctional Catholic family; and La Loma, a monodrama about a young American in a Mexican prison. His monologue shows include Women Alone, for actresses, and Lover, Killer, Angel, Theif, for actors.

He is the author of The Dream Patch, a lyrical novel about a Texas family in the 1940s. He has received a grant from the Mary Roberts Rinehart Foundation, and residencies from teh Ucross Foundation in Wyoming and the Edward Albee Foundation in New York. He teaches writing workshops in Houston at Rice University Continuing Studies Program, and at The Women's Institute.

Christopher has work in Yefief, The Dreaming Pool (Canada), and The Winedark Sea (Australia). A short story of his, "The Sea Changes," was published in a new anthology, Aqueous Reflections, from MIT Press. He has completed a new novel, A Woman on Fire. Recently, Christopher's work appeared recently in Whalelane, Adirondack Rreview, Apollo's Review, Night_School and Coelacanth Magazine. He received a Pushcart Prize nomination for the story in Whalelane. Check out his books at the Unlikely Stories bookstore. You can reach him at dreamwood@webtv.net.

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July 1999 - July 2000:
Mountain Folk
The Blind Masseur