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RUTH LATTA dances a slow set of steps

To the Unlikely Stories home pageRuth Latta's darkly humorous writing draws its inspiration from the things that most poets overlook: self-help books, plastic bags, and the intricacies of country living. When reading her poems, you'll be immediately struck by her keen eye for detail, and keen ability to relate details and give them meaning.

Ruth's most recently published poems are "Do Jump Up," in Jones Av., and "Roll On, Buddy" in Appalacian Heritage. Ruth is the co-author of two poetry chapbooks, Polarities (2000) and Three's Comany (1996). She has written four prose books: Life Writing, The Memory of All That, A Wild Streak and Life Music. She has no e-mail address, but you can contact her through Unlikely Stories.

Ruth's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Put the Lid On
Bag Hell?
On the third anniversary of her mother's death
Country Dance