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I need a mantra
I need a pop rock sex song
The old romantic imagery ain't doin' much for me anymore
I need a simple phrase so I can blank it all out
I don't have to believe it but I need to memorize it let me shout it

I need a new religion
I need a superficial understanding of humanity
I need hard-core pissed-off rock and roll to remind me I'm not real
I could tell you life sucks
But you're sick of hearing that by now
I could tell you I love you
But you won't believe me anyhow so
Let's get Fabulous

I could go deeper
But I'm tired and scared and don't want wisdom anymore
I need a pop culture mantra
Some simple cliché, over and over like head over heels and crimson and clover
Ducking the ghoulies 'cause I'm not afraid
So long as I have this little mantra that proves to me that I'm still sane