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I Act Like a Chimpanzee and Howl Like a Motherfucker

He addressees me, "Whass happeening mi amigo,"
with that silly ass Mexican accent
and calls me Pancho.
I play chimpanzee, 'cause now I got kids,
so I take the fucking blows,
scratch my head, jump around,
and howl like a motherfucker.
He laughs, I laugh, we all goddamn laugh.
But then,
but then,
he starts with that joke,
"Got a naked photo of your wife?"
"Because if you don't,
I have one in my wallet."
Dumb fuck, what is this shit?
Can't stand the thought of a Norse woman
with a hard Aztec dick up her yin,
buried deep in his past, cleaving, becoming one --
no shit!  No way!  No how!
"So tell me," I begin,
"why do German women like brown dick so much?"
"What the hell."
"You know ... German women ... 
like my women and your wife."
"What are you talking about?"   
I grab my crotch and grin.
"You fuck!" .
"That's right," I say, "all night."
and snicker.
"I won't forget this, you ass," he growls
and disappears into his office.

When pay raises come,
I ain't getting one ... shit.


if he only knew of the immense sadness
in my belly,
because he's a giving and caring guy who adores his family.
I respect that, 'cause I'm a big time mi familia guy;
and more than once, 
he's helped people out of financial crises.
Shit, once he loaned me $3000.00
interest free,
I guess he just don't like Meskins
fucking White women.

If he only knew,
I sat in a field with a thousand stalks of corn,
waited for the stars,
and in the night, the cosmos' dark daggers
shredded my heart,
and I hung naked on the North star,
and wept like a bitch.
If he only knew.

If he only knew,
I'm sure he'd get a kick out of it,
die laughing, and maybe call me
a beeaatch,
then he'd probably give me a raise ...
I think ...
If he only knew.

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