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Tonight I'm an Orphan...

I miss standing on the curve 
of the world, 
feet planted in dark earth, 
moist between my toes, 
and Coyote calling a shivering, 
a lilting moon 
dissolving in God's mouth. 

Tonight I miss 
the fields, 
hoe in hand, 
Sparrowhawk rippling the sphere, 
light spinning infinite. 

Tonight I miss 
the terrestrial being 
who understood 
we were sons and daughters
of the universe 
and spirit, air we breathed. 

In the city of big shoulders, 
the world does not curve, 
my feet are uprooted,
light is finite. 

Tonight I miss being your son, father. 
Tonight I miss being your son, mother. 
Tonight I am an orphan 
in God's mouth.

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