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DANIEL WRAY SWESEY can stand on his head without his hands

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWith a complete disregard for literary convention, the poems of Daniel Wray Swesey challenge our most basic assumptions about how words should be strung together. At the same time, these short pieces convey layers of meaning, and will fascinate you with their complexity, as well as their wildness and rebellion. They are designed to provoke thought, and they succeed with grace and ease.

Daniel says, "My name is Daniel Wray Swesey and I am a resident in tha small SO OH city known as Waverly. I have been writing since early childhood but tha devout love that I had for tha craft did not come to me until I was near my final years of High School when I was introduced to tha works of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. That's when I read Kerouac's ON THA ROAD and Ginsberg's 'Howl.' From that day forth I was open to all other kinds of literary works that I would not had ever read B4.

"I started to dwelve into deeper music, picking up on classical, 'intellectual' metal and tha up & coming peak of tha HIP HOP genre. I had dreams of Bcoming a lyricist but few people around me at that time did not understand what I was wanting to portray. I wasn't accepted by my peers as an artist until I started to MC at local raves but even then I was too caught up in other movements to dedicate myself to what I dreamt to do. I fell flat on my face.

"I was in turmoil and thought that drugs would set me free and in a way they did and in other ways they just about killed me. B4 i was 18 I was a devout atheist. Blieve it or not tha chemicals opened my eyes to all forms of spiritualities. Hindu, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, I used as creative tools to B inspired to write. It was a not until I cleared my mind I was actually able to comprehend what I was reading & writing, and what it meant to me.

"I decided that I was to move away from Ohio, last year, for a short time and deliver my works to tha public by appearances on tha open mike. I didn't go to far for lack of support from my most trusted friends. What I did was a 6 week stint of readings in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin at tha coffee shop known as tha NEW MOON and UW-Osh Kosh. There for tha fist time in my life I felt a tru thrill that I had never felt B4. Tha thrill of allowing other artist and art lovers to B able to mentor to me and suggest their ideals. I was now in complete love w/ what I do.

"When I returned to Wisconsin, a friend-Chris Fair and I decided to start a musical group. We know have a home-grown CD call ANAMOLIEZ w/ 10 tracks that we R sending to record companies for consideration. However if U would like to here a few of our songs, they R posted at tha site: www.dmusic.com. When there type in tha word MIZXONCEVD and U can hear what we got. It is a sub-genre of hip/hop and rock but at tha moment very experimental. So I do not know how to describe it. I am presently unable to send to U a CEEDEE, for my associate is in England & will not return until tha end of March." You can write to Daniel at 1924 Fish & Game RD, Waverly OH 45690 or at hardman_dan@hotmail.com.

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