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SCOTT MALBY, no relation to the Tom the Dancing Bug kid

To the Unlikely Stories home pageAmericans are currently being told, by the mainstream media and Presidential administration, that now is not the time for questions. Unfortunately, Scott Malby has lots of questions, and he really doesn't seem to give a fuck whether you feel it's the right time to ask them or not. He questions God, society, government, and the standards of human interaction, exploring these issues with a violent, angry pen that never loses sight of its own frailty.

Scott Malby is a poet and columnist for 4 ezines and a frequent contributor to internet publications all over the world. While the internet may not be as significant as the discovery of fire, he feels it is a most remarkable development, comparable to the development of the printing press and transcending that. He lives in Coos Bay, Oregon, along the northern shore of the Pacific Coast in the United States. His themes are universal ones detailing the relationship of individuals with themselves, others and their environment. A fascinating interview with him can be found at Tin Lustre Mobile. If you'd like to reach him, you can do so through Unlikely Stories.

Scott's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

God, are you listening?
Cultural Evolution: Bulletin #1
American Graffiti