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Cultural Evolution: Bulletin #1

Welcome to our state of perpetual emergency
where a poisonous fish in Japan becomes
a Seattle delicacy, where time itself is 13.7
billion years old and our universe is condemned
to expand forever while 99% of what we know
is dark energy and matter where it's the thirteenth
friggin month in the New Era of a very cold cosmic
winter mainly because the Thought Police have
mutated into Morals Police creating the Office
of Homeland Paternity to protect us by sparing no
expense to drive out the mojo horrific under the bed
evil new devil boogey man whose taken an interest
in ravishing our souls. 

Accordingly, all intellectual avenues are blocked
except for a price of course, while temperatures
hover around the freezing of all meaningful discourse
cuz censorship has been imposed in all major cities
where the only glitch in the system is individuality
itself as our cups spillith over with bad times warmed
over while we stumble through our own personal dark
holes of Calcutta praying for the promised good times
to come. 

The new rules are easy to memorize, in fact
are designed to help us hitch up our get along skills
and go with the program forbidding mention in polite
public conversation of the politically incorrect like kissing,
religion, insanity, homosexuality, bodily functions,
meteorology, chewing gum, spitting in the streets,
dogs doing it in the streets, flipping cig. butts, wearing
shorts, high heels and or split skirts. 

For your convenience bulletin number two will be posted
in all public restrooms soon so that when you sit down
you'll have something to read. Hey, isn't literacy
wonderful and aren't you glad you have a Big Brother?

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