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American Graffiti

Dashboard Confessional 

I'm looking out at you from the crazy
interior of my mind. I'm an American.
I like who I am. I'm optimistic, incorrigible,
na´ve, open, hedonistic, individualistic,
expansive, laid back and weird, screaming
down the hi-way 75 miles an hour
in a convertible with my radio blaring
searching for the mystical in the real,
wanting to fix things when they definitely
get broken. I don't get depressed, I get
mad and I'm perplexed as hell packing
a 38 magnum at my hip, trying to separate
friend from foe, unable to figure out why people
don't like me. Not really sure if I care.
Knowing even if you don't that ultimately
all goes outward. Nothing collapses.
Believing in the best in you till I experience
the worst.


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