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an abstemious assembly

we walk on stage of a gawking amphitheater
		   with cocksure solicitude
	and take stabs at immortality
		   both profound
		   and retarded.

we wander inebriated in halls of discussion
	 	   denying with a strength
	born of starvation
		   and anger.

we hang ashamed from rafters
		   mumbling mendacities
	to the cheering crowd;
		   surprised at our
		   own tears.

we warble melodies of staccato armor;
		   occasionally humming
	harmonies of candor
		   (though at a frequency
		   much lower).

we tried to live with ardor
	and ended on the rock.	
	decided to be martyrs.
got mangled by the clock.

a vital look splayed on the crowd
	we turn upon our heels
	exeunt the stage
the masquerade
	shall play without us here.

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