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Mama's Boy

"No pictures of naked ladies
for my son," he said.
The rugged biker 
with the white Walt Whitman beard
slouched on the pine green leather couch,
a blue-jean anachronism
amongst the pale Goth ghosts.
Clad in skin-tight black vinyl minis,
sleek black leather pants, 
black lace evening gloves,
and chunky knee-high boots
they floated past him with
their elaborate Vampira look,
their eyes lined in thick black curly-cues,
and their bodies adorned with intricate tattoos
of angel wings,
and rose-entwined ankhs.
"I can't stand needles," he said.
"So when I go to the Sturgess Rally
I draw my tattoos on my arm.
Then I can wash them off."
And before he meandered off with his beer in hand
onto the thick smoke-filled dance floor he added,
"But if I were to get one it would say 'mom.'
I'd tattoo one 'm' on each cheek
and when I stood on my head
it would say 'wow.'"

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