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This morning I woke to a memory-
We were approaching each other
Walking down the hall in our
Old high school- I was nervous
Because it was a tenuous time
And I never knew where I stood
With you.

I couldnít decide if I should cross
The line to say you name
And paralyzed by my insecurity
I said nothing- but you

Reached out and took my hand,
In what seemed to me to be
Desperation- and you squeezed slightly
And I floated on to History class

And that night I called you
And we sat in silence,
Letting go of the tension,
Taking each otherís hand
And squeezing tightly.

So, this morning, while waking
I reached into the air,
Reaching for your hand-
And I said your name-
But when I opened my eyes,
Nothing was there,
Except the old tension 
A ghost leaves in a room.

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