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JOHN R. HARFORD fears not the undertow

To the Unlikely Stories home pageIf the shark hunter in Jaws wrote poetry, he might write the poetry of John R. Hartford. John's poems are dark and horrifying, using natural, violent symbols to explore our most base desires and hungers. He peers into issues of survival and death, reminding us how short and fragile our lives are.

John says, "I am a 28 year old native of New Jersey who, inspired by genre and classic literature, began writing at age 12. At Richard Stockton College I pursued a degree in the visual arts, and while there focused most of my writing efforts into fine art related research and essay. Upon graduation, I returned to writing poetry and fiction. I currently work in Princeton, New Jersey while writing, photographing and seeking graduate school admission. My work has always taken a bent that has been described as disturbing.

"Publication credits include poetry in Avant, the literary magazine of Rowan University, Weird Tales, pending publication for The River magazine, and Frission magazine. Five poems are to be appearing in upcoming issues of Poetry Street electronic magazine. Additional acceptance credits include Firefly and Insights magazine. You may also see my poetry and photography on my homepage: http://www.newhighways.com." You can also check out John's MP3s at http://www.mp3.com/JRHarford, or write to him at jrvh@home.com.

John's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

July 1999 - July 2000:
The Prophet