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"All writers are afraid an English teacher is going to correct their work with a big red pen if they do something wrong."
-- Ken Kesey, "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" by Tom Wolfe
"I think an author should show his audience something they don't expect...it gets harder every time - it's like squeexing the last drop of toothpaste out of a tube. One more drop - just one more drop. Each time, you don't know how you're going to fill that blank piece of paper, but somehow, you do."
-- Stephen Sondheim, "Sondheim and Company" by Craig Zadan.
"'I was thinking,' said Mitty. 'Does it ever occur to you I might be thinking?'"
-- James Thurber, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

The writings of Brent M. Parker seek the sublime within the ridiculous. He writes about plane crashes, refrigerators, unicorns and werewolfs with the same sense of awe, and finds in these subjects humor and wisdom. His writings analyze the world through a mythological perspective that leaves us enlightened and hungry for more.

Brent says, "I've been writing poetry for about a year (unless you count the two poems I got published in the paper when I was five) and poetry is one of my favorite forms because I love wordplay. I'm also currently working on a fantasy novel and a musical play. I'm currently attending college in Santa Maria.

"I've had one poem published in my college's literary magazine, Harvest, and another in Poetic Voices."

Brent tries to unite the dispirite spirits of originality and accesability in his work, using elemnts of fantasy and wordplay to convey "real life" emotions and experiences. Recently, he has also tried to add some social commentary to the mix. He hopes this bizarre concoction will come out frothy and delicious. You can write to him at playwrightnovelist@hotmail.com.

Brent's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

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Novel-In-Progress Heaven's Helldog
Bad Words The Third in an Unplanned Series of Milk Poems
Pear-Mango Passion Shampoo Lessons of the Far West

The Un-War Least Favorite Flavor
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