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Path of an Idea

illusion, surefire way to kickstart a soul,
beatnik blow to the head rush of an inspiration
spark, let it flow,
let it all just absolutely go
let the pent-up heat inside flow out
into the darkling night,
let every shining thing inside your
overheated twisted driven urgent
mind escape, every love and lust
every drop of sweet and vital fluid
let the creative juices run wild with you,
o man, the crazy demon velveteen night
seethes with feeling and spirit
inside me beating to fly out
what can express such urges, don't
fit inside reality no matter how much
you squeeze and there is only the dreamstate
of mind, only angels can give wing
to my thoughts now, they have transcended
mortal bounds, they are Free
free to madcap flight in the clear upper skies
free to swoop down and fling into the hearts of the unsuspecting
Desires, Deep Dark Secrets of the drug-hazed inner soul
and this is the way,
these are the words,
there is no truth -
but each idea is recreated
with each mind it touches
every eye that sees

touch it, caress it, learn its
every orifice and consequence
lend your feeling and your energy
to send it on its way
it may be an illusion
but every time it's brought to light
there's more truth and thought and genius
to guide its frenzied flight

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