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HELEN LAMBERT knows her naughty words

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe poems of Helen Lambert are on many subjects: jazz, inspiration, mythology, and time. But whatever the subject matter, the author shows herself to be a master of wordplay and metaphor, weaving her thoughts together in patterns that seem both original and intuitive. Helen Lambert carefully studies her own thinking patterns, then shares them with us with absolute clarity, using unique phrasings sure to keep us interested.

Helen says, "I was born in Leicester, England in 1984. I've been writing for five years and I'm starting to realise how many more years it's going to be before I've actually written something I'm happy with.

"Previously, I've had poetry published in ezines such as the PW Review and the Black Rose, and short stories in the Rose and Thorn. I always considered myself more a writer of prose than poetry. My own poetry seems to me something too personal to be showcased, something too transitory to last. A jotting-down of emotions and fleeting impressions, recorded more easily perhaps in colour and mood than in words. It's quickly outlived by new ideas, especially while I'm still discovering my own voice. I'm leaving home in eight weeks and naturally I feel as if I'm on the verge of something; some great beginning. The work shown here feels dated to me already - but I'm sure I'll keep it coming as long as I can." Drop her a line at fae@art-fag.net.

Helen's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Path of an Idea
interwoven roots
Shahariel: Awaiting the Sun