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MICHELLE MAIHIOT deftly ducks dim-witted questions

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe poetry of Michelle Maihiot burns with an intense, imprecise sexuality. When reading her poems, we are never quite sure if the speaker is male, female, gay or straight. The wants and needs of her poems' protagonists, however, are perfectly clear -- reminding us of our own desires, even when we don't quite understand the poems' subjects.

Michelle M. Maihiot has a BA in English, a BA in Philosophy, and 1/8 of a law degree. She has been published in Sojourner, Midwest Poetry Review, and Bay Windows, among others. Her chapbook, The War Room, was published in 1999 by Implosion Press. She lives in Massachusetts with her partner and their 6 cats and one spoiled hamster. She works as an EMT. Drop her a line at mmaihiot@prodigy.net.

Michelle's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Best Friend
Black Men
About Love
Full Moon Motherhood