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Bodies In Motion, At Rest
She sleeps with a man
who once carried the mummified body
of a 15-year-old girl down a Peruvian mountain,
bore the 500-year old body down
strapped to his back. She sleeps,
and dreams of his mountain.
Her days spent painting
murals of grapevines and sunflowers,
private gardens on walls, her hands
covered with forest, umber, scarlet,
colors that come from the earth he digs.
At night she dreams of planting her hands
in the clean soil of his mountains.
He carried a 500-year-old girl
down a Peruvian mountain, his fingers
growing numb, frostbitten, tears
down his cheeks. Carried her down
on his back, her skin the color
of the earth he dug her from,
he brushed centuries from her,
removed her from the cradle
of her mountain.
He sleeps with a woman
who paints gardens, but
he dreams of planting
15-year-old girl seeds deep
in other mountains.

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