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Dream # 18723

it starts with me already nuzzling the powder yellow cotton panties
for the smell of fresh-broken earth
while she pushed at me without actually saying no
the heels of her hands pressing through her upraised skirt down on my head away
rocking side to side knees locked 
while i nuzzle i nip i lick
i rasp the broad side of my tongue over her little mounds
i can feel the hairs beneath the tight cotton material, stiff as a brush
i can feel the hairs whisking her skin as my tongue moves them
i can feel the hairs softening becoming wet
						then suddenly she vaulted
up and away

i am called in her time of sorrow to join the others who console her but 
i find her in a corner in the arms of another
i find her embracing another woman 
i see her kissing another woman
			      and over the shoulder
of her comforter i see her eyes grow wet with
finality chagrin contentment regret

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