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it always seems to rain at night
and when I smell the leaves decay
it ceases to be so cool and white
the water swallows up the day

roots from the dirt wonít listen
people rushing to my ear
make my damp hair bristle
evaporating lonely fear

shoots from seeds push back the layer
open their eyes to glittering shine
answer mine with a lonely prayer
the leaves creep forward like zombie eyes

small twigs snap beneath my step
I raise the ash with a gentle hand
thrown to the window and in crept
a shadow the likeness of a man

how close do the creepers grow
and when, my friends, you gather
the darkness of the murky brown
shall suffocate to suffer

it always seems to rain at night
and when I smell the leavesí decay
the world ceases its endless flight
the water swallows up the rain

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