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LAURA FLETCHER has a prettier name than you do

To the Unlikely Stories home pageEasily the most prolific author at Unlikely Stories, Laura Fletcher is the final word in poetic lyricists. She pulls off rhyme schemes that most contemporary poets wouldn't dare attempt, and she does so smoothly and naturally. It's easy to connect with her simple imagery, and the heartfelt emotion her poems represent.

Laura would like to present her new bio:

"I hate to stay on one topic. Brace yourself.

I'm your everyday high school student, ready to graduate (next year, maybe). I have a boyfriend, two cats, an unbroken family, yadayada. I don't associate myself with any political party. I hope no one took the Libertarian thing seriously. West Virginia is my home and has been since first grade. I like this place and hope to stay nearby for college. I also like reading, writing, listening to music, corresponding, movies, animals, nicknames, Cinnabons, and people. However, I hate politics, history (for now), school school school, Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies, and people. People will always fascinate me,so please send me some feedback on my work. A million thanks to Jonathan for letting me write for him." You can e-mail Laura at lfletch4@wvu.edu, or read more terse and dry autobiographical information at her web page.

Laura's work appears in In Our Own Words, an anthology of Generation-X poetry from MWE. Check it out at the Unlikely Stories bookstore.

Laura's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

July 1999 - July 2000:
He Is Reaching And to Hold Your Hand for Just this One Night
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Lurker
a sort of letter to an ex

July 1998 - July 1999:
...said a virgin to a woman You Used to be My Carpet
I Give God an Erection sadness, a religion obnoxious
A Drunk Rambling Hit and Run
Self-Confession Sexual Invalid
The Librarian Multimedia
Home Again Do You Ever Wonder How Much of Life Is a Stunt?
Simple Opportunities I Wish I Could Be Silly More Often
Feminism ode to elmer
Hot Tears A Rock
Good Guys Jesus Mary Mother of Christ
A Short Film Disturbances
Toothless Sleep
Knife: Mine Time Warp
Brand New Purse Bourgeois
Thumper Singular
Sinsation Absorb
Rings My Patience Has Expired
DUI Recollections (What's Swept Under the Carpet)
Ripped Off Damp