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a girl on the dashboard
shaking and reflecting the sun
driving west to find a new gun
moving fingers slowly off the stick
put her in cruise
let my feet rest beside the girl
hula dancer, plastic skirt
Plastic love.
   forget her--
flick of the ankle and the clay
falls off the dashboard
The girl tumbles to the passenger seat
She hits your knee
"What was that for?"
"She was blinding me."
A moment of silence.  I slap the radio on,
AM weather on the left channel, faint bluegrass on the right
The cigarette lighter is gone.
Driverís seat slides back, feet
rest across your thighs.
"Watch the road!"
Grab the doll, dancer
Turn back to the dashboard.
Roll down my window and
let her plunge into highway weeds
A whoop.  Lean on the horn.
"Calm down!"
You lean forward to pick the clay from above the hazard lights button.
Everythingís back to normal, but cruise is still on.  You pat my hand.  We drive.

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