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sadness, a religion obnoxious
how to enter a room and leave it grinning

Take, for instance, a small group of depressed,
I-wish-I-could-afford-beer people,
together in a small apartment.  They are being consumed
by the air of indifference and unpaid rent.

Now enter in the factor of one good mood, and stick it in the corner.
let that person be obnoxious; donít
let them say, "Perk up!"; and for peteís sake donít
let them forget
the alcohol.

The beers are passed around, and
more sooner than later
the air is smothered.
Memories from years past--
pets now dead, neighbors now gone--
take each slightly sloshed and noncommittal
by surprise
and maybe theyíre converted?

The romantic side is pulled forcefully
An optimist not is a cynic still,
and thatís not part of the objective.
The messiah, whoever they may be,
isnít chipper most of the time.  And
no one is expected to be.

If a few people end up in bed,
and a few more
break down crying
and just smile over a few brownies
and then puke.
itíll still be fine.

Conversion is a good way
to clear the air.

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