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A Short Film

Now Iíve distracted you
Go ahead, leave me be.
Iím fine right here by myself -
maybe Iíll play some cards
or call my ex...
No, no, just have another, dear.
Iíll drive
You canít touch, just look.  No pictures.
And remember to tip your waiter.
Have you read that book?
Just the movie, huh...
I heard she sleeps around.
Not you, honey, that woman.  Yes, with the shoes.
I wonder if he knows I think about him...
How did you manage that bruise?
Damned clockís always an hour fast.
Can you believe you bought that....after all is said and done, yes I can.
WHY doesnít he answer.
The hair on my toes grows and grows.
Dick and Jane play with Spot. Play, Spot, Play.
Blink and fade out on a woman at a desk...

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