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Doing A Little Time 

Mommy and Daddy are still on the phone
Thumb swinging white boy is rapping
Tattooed married Jesus ex-crack head
Eyes closed smooth skinned knit cap 
Next to dark eyed sweetie with a piglet carved on her arm
Cosmic kids
Under glass
Mommy's got a foot fetish
Dirty beat up tennis shoes
And a purse full of prescription drugs
Daddy's stuffing his face between Brittany Spears white creamy legs 
I'm on a bubble gum high 
Waiting my turn 
I heard a rumor they found Gilagmesh
Somewhere under Ur
Bringing him back to the States
Along with all the other stolen loot
Plus Iraqi oil should keep the US afloat 
 For a little while anyway
I turned to a shaved head next to me 
With windmills on his cell phone
Asked him if he was 
Doing time on the Darshan line
Waiting for another café latte
Or just here to buy a few mementos on ebay 
From the Bush wars 

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