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Yet Another Leo Frank Piece

Thank you, Leo Frank, for showing us Amerika
A place wher the occasional child must be sacrificed
                not to the altar
                        not to the Auto-de-Fe nor Jesuits
                                not to the kossacs nor the czarist army
        but to the ADL

Waking up early to read
                500 distribution newspapers
                        and join certain mailing lists -from secret PO Boxes
                                and conjugate the statistics of hate
        into poetry
While Judah pretends not to notice

For us, America = goldene Medina
And what we don't ask for ourselves
We don't sincerely seek for others

But we are Judah
and the Pyramids were not the last thing we built!
We raised Madison Avenue,
        the great tomb of the AmeriCAN mind

Leo Frank, lynched in Marietta, GA                Form over Substance
                {(F/S)    the new math
                the old gematria

So Peter Gallegher, a fine Irish, portrays you in the made*for*TV*movie*of*the*week;
Mamet tells us how you *felt*
And, best of all, Alfred Uhry and Hal Prince 
                        ~lacking only the lyrics of Sondheim
put on a Broadway show!

        "Hey, my dad has some old anti-Semites in the garage....."
        "And we have a hangin' tree out in the back 80...."

They hung you, Leo Frank,
like more black men than will ever be counted
But only the ADL cares
        and the curse Judah doesn't refuse our own children's head,
                we don't demand be lifted from others

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