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After Reading "Williams-Sonoma: A Catalog for Cooks, January 1999"

I want to peel
you apart like romaine lettuce,
pour cold water over leaves
of you in my In-Sink Colander
and run you
through my Salad Spinner
until you're dry.

I want to cook
you in my Calphalon
Commercial Nonstick
Grill Pan "with ridges
that separate meats
from their fatty drippings."

I want to slice
you into squares
with my Henkels
Five-Star Knives
and simmer you
with carrots and potatoes
and a healthy dollop
of Williams-Sonoma
Beef Cooking Stock
in my Hammered
Copper Soup Pot.

I want to dust
my knuckles with flour
and work you
on my Countertop
Butcher-Block Kneading
Board and set
you in my Dough-
Rising Bucket.

I want to pick
at you with tines
of my Grande
Cuisine Flatware
and raise my Hemstitched
Napkin to wipe you
out of the corners
of my mouth.

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