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This Man's Watch

I wear it
Because I love him.
I slipped it off
His wrist, in between
Margaritas, Marlboros,
Muddled innuendo.

The band, it is silver
Like an accordion.
I sit on the sofa at Millie's party
Where everyone is drunk,
Listening to Maria McKee.
But I am watching the seconds turn
Like the hope dripping
From his melancholic slightly-buzzed face.
In a breath, he expresses
That a bedroom is what we need
Because we don't have much time.

In the fumbling dark,
The numbers glow,
Illuminate the truth.
I love to watch him tremble,
Tick tocking, hip cocking
To the rhythm of his sacred heart.

Early dawn is reflected
In the round, glass face of the morning after.
I know I have to give it back.
He gives me words and wishes,
I return his time.
My wrist burns naked
And I think about him,
At least until noon.

"Hey, do you know what time it is?"

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