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R. C. EDRINGTON smells everything in the dark places

To the Unlikely Stories home pageR. C. Edrington can see through those thingsSensual in a way that is at once both soft and confrontational, the poems of R. C. Edrington discuss love, lust, cruelty and abuse in a tone that is both stark and sensitive. His poems offer the chill of fear in the same breath they offer a beautiful sexuality. With potent symbolism, R. C. discusses jealousy, love, rape, and the rape of the Americas as if they were all the same subject, which of course they are.

RC Edrington began keeping journals at the height of the punk rock scene in the early 80's. During this time he worked as a roadie for numerous bands, a bouncer at punk clubs, and even pulled a stint at a public library shelving books. During "the married years", RC worked as Psycho/Social Rehabilitation Counselor with the "mentally ill", only to find the people he worked with were less "ill" than the general population who claimed a grip on "normalcy." RC currently prides himself in being a "hobo", and long ago gave up the 9 to 5 slave cycle. He currently writes, paints, drinks, and spends long hours hunched over a pool table. You can write to him at rc@rcpoet.com, or check out his web page at http://rcpoet.com.

R. C.'s works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Dumbass Artist
Ghosts of Hollywood
Sick Fucks

pencil slash
Chorizo & Eggs
After Heroin

As She Sleeps