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Dumbass Artist 

your typical cliched
wanna-be hip artist
draped in black
always hung outside
the right circles
sipped wine
from styrofoam cups
at all the gallery
openings downtown
he chain smoked
my cigarettes
gave up discussing art
when I told him
I just come to get laid
and none of these fucks
will ever paint their way
out of a bad marriage
told me when he
checked out
he had a 2' x 4' white
gesso primed canvas
to lean like an emergency
room stretcher
against the shower stall
had the right distance
marked off
so when he pulled
the trigger
only his blood and brains
would hit the canvas
and not the shotgun blast
told me I could sell
his suicide
to any gallery
that now rejected him
if I promised
to drink a toast
to his memory
the night they found
the dumbass
OD'd on Mexican Tar
in the alley behind
the Buffet
I honestly tried
to feign

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