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Motherless Mama's Boy

Pittsburgh is gray,
hung over.  A giant bowl
of potato soup.

He has never been to where
he is going, but it is time to become
a regular.

Now miles North of Pitt's campus,
on a glacier deposit,
he can see the building
where he is supposed to be.
The Cathedral of Learning.  Visible from
everywhere.  Inescapable.
The second tallest classroom in the world.

This will be much better
Than Czechoslovakian Film.

Inside, he will flash
money. Order the girl with the nicest
name.  A Mickey would be pleasant.
Slip me a Mickey.
It doesn't matter.

He'll tell on himself,
for skipping class.
He'll tell her he's thinking
about quitting school.

His clothes
will not come off, and neither
will hers.  He'll cry.  He's paying to be
held.  He's paying for precision.
He requests to be called "champ."

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