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domestic bliss

he says i need new material.  
heís tired of hearing my bullshit.
it interferes with his dreams 
of being a duke or king
in tv. land.  

the couch IS his.
ďback off assholes, i want to lay downĒ.

king of the tyrannical dishes.
ďdo them bitch,
youíre stupid, do you not 
understand? you have to clean up after yourself
for 2 fucking years 
annie...canít you
hey fuck it. i donít care
anymore.  clean up after yourself.
iím tired of cleaning 
	we all work
the dished for your 
slob ass.  arenít you
a woman at all?
you donít understand
iím not your grandma.
youíre just a lazy bitch.
fuck this
iím going to go
buy an air pump
for my grow roomĒ.

closet escape into drug kingdom.  

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