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ANNIE M is not abbreviated

My state of mind is truthful,
for it is the mind of a survivor,
surviving in the poorest way.
--Fukuda Sumako

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe poems of Annie M are intense, vicious, and extremely varied. She'll give utterly truthful and in-depth discussions of her personal history, then switch to a vicious critique of modern society, and suddenly shift gears into romantic sensuality. She discusses the best and worst aspects of modern life with a merciless, exploratory pen. You'll be startled and amazed by the poems here.

Annie says, "I try to curtail nervous breakdowns via drugs and have two jobs, one 3rd shift at a dairy mart, one sitting at a house." You can write to Annie at anniemcmz@yahoo.com.

Annie's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

what started off as an attempt to write my chicky friend a thank you note/love poem takes a turn for the worse but later redeems itself this is true love baby
domestic bliss the briars.
another nothing happy ending
future experiencer s
memory lane what i say in silence
coming going how a dumb bitch gets the blues
where you can send the letter a boy in the city
the collective consciousness signs of weakness
free in misery rim lip
observation in 4 parts his girlfriend's the devil and his best friend's a bad queen stereotype
he's just another suicide case, really it's nothing to worry about memo to self
surgical paranoia Broken Ear Drum Observations At The Train Crossing
wake up call from the zombies so i fucked another guy today

morphine mom
skip it Horrible Part
Bin Laden Ruined My Credit Neurontin Blues
one day in the life of faceless nameless
Waushol Strive
Some Piece of Shit This Is All I Want for Christmas is my two frontal lobes removed
coffee Aesthetic
Stories for small children Keepin' it in the family
accept fate already flesh
Untitled is a stupid name for a poem Accountability is calling to claim a name
wrap your mind around this Theme on a letter to Craig
Revamped music