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Some Piece of Shit This Is

cause that's what they do 
with assholes like me
not even a position as the bearded lady
i'd get to be igor
“velcommm, step tisss vay”.
at that flop house of ill repute st. josephs
do i get the window room?
i could try to jump through the plexi glass barred over bullshit
thank god they let me keep my shoe laces this time.
and since my writing is so bad
so pubescently highschool
my penance, my only potential redemption
is knocking off 6 complacent fucks
certification for my own fanclub.
assholes like me, we don't get talkshows
we get tourette's.
we get condescendence 
we get patronized
and ignored.
can’t i have being pathetic? 
can’t i at least have that?
alones all used up
the nut house has no vacancies left
and that's what they do with assholes like me.

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