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this is the wave behind the past 
propelling it forward

this is the wave behind the future
being pushed backwards

colliding with me
to make the present

every other word on your face
i did not recognize
every other taste on your breath
had been sampled before

split seconds 

ample artilleries

this is time in a vacuum
a minute too late and a dollar short

We set our dreams on fire
I have never seen so many 
breast implants
screaming for their lives.
wet money drips dye

the wake
up call

ashes half forgotten
mixed with diluted apathy
form the pond scum of dried blood
that chalks off under your tree house built from bone

at the cemetery of holocaustic foliage
i canít forget who i am
unable to divorce from entrapment

this is who i am
brittle bone-bag
crying anonymity in the house marked eternity

you think i donít know 
crystalline curiosity killed the girl 
and made the man
iíve felt this pretense before
waking up with mud on my plate
lust on my pallet
unable to attain
unable to atone
the object of the mire.

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