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coming going

down narrow roads,
iíve compressed both time and space
to be back 
in the west.
iíve gone over shattered landscapes
		watching as coal and sandstone mines
			pump sweat into the lakes
			clogged arteries.

looking for the foundation to build my dreamscape
iíve found
the ruins
	of a dying society,
	whose culture
	has been kept going on by
	itís own commodification 
		for the last 30 years.	

the coming and going has ended.
the only place i need now
is wherever i am at.
the only time i need now
is whatever i have left.
i have seen that mecca has been lost
even if its support beams still stand...

over my shoulder and behind my back
		to the east
		the pain stretched out
		is all i see.

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