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the mirror of my passion
the skin rises as the hand falls
to touch
this part of me to you
eyes close as the hand dissolves 
into a mask of muddled
ecstasy unto angles
who fly on the tarred wings of mistake
tarnished halos...
singing my anthem
the bloods pounding rhythm
this dream the nagging defect of my heart
mirror splinter, splinters off
reality on the fringe
remember. remind.
that face so close my skin dimples
breath of dreams blows down my neck
rivers, blood surging through my desire.
recall. decline.
hand slides along the ice in those eyes.
emptied by regret
my love dissolves 
the break
on my back
who is around my neck?
these hands to you
what ever heart we have left
autonomy on a chain link
i become the exiled lover
the slave in the corner
the secret between our hearts boils bright
shackled to a time where fantasy flies us
that never existed
never together.
never apart.

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