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observation in 4 parts


my mind had scattered
into a billion particles
going in different
directions.  fortunately time
nullifies is all
	part of the memoir crematorium
	keeping me alive.


secured surroundings provided by
vessels whose eyes are escape.

eventually comfort will come
from a drunk mouth playing charades.
	a joke that went on without the comedian.


i had to go back
pressing past my limits so that i could
resurrect hopeless but with certainty...
	the verge of self-destruction
	reacquainted me with the will to live...
		beyond shame for myself or consideration
		for “their” commercially conditioned


back among the cocooning,
in the city of pretensions
obscure banal conversations
fill my head.
it seems these two
buy into the idea that they
have potential for transcendence.
shielded from life’s open sewer system
they prepare for an idealized
version of existence that has been
mapped out
at every crossover.
	their disappointments
	will be as worthless
	as the paper
	their credentials are wrote on.

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