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Neurontin Blues

addiction is not hell
contrary to popular opinion.
withdrawal on the other hand...
face flush, nervous twitch
lock-jaw, general unrest 
as opposed to ungeneral rest
let's not forget the shitting and vomiting
dope sick, junk sick? nah,
its the Neurontin blues
over taking the main frame
mood stabilizes, anti-convalescents
are all the same to me besides
that lone crown jewel.
explanations for why Iím always
running out of pills
2 weeks early are hard to come by
if the insurance won't pay, fuck it,
I'll just hack a few cds or my pussy
and buy the script myself.
there is no redemption or unattachment
my true and sole importance
...i just spilt pepsi all over the phone.
uncomfortably unnumb.

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