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just another red light
as time stops and stands still watch words
flower out of your mouth bloom beauty into a 
deep dark mystery tunnel.  life is still a burning
question, one we never answered;
so several years and many tears cause me to open
an old box of lies, and mend some broken ties, and find our time
contained in one simple box--one stack that misspells my life
  i have danced with my insecurities
  showed them the two-step
  during a flickering dream where i knew
  i could fix you.
pursuing the past of most suffering
with some kind of something branding a mark on
the foreheads of the haves
and killing off
the have nots-
  breaking you was like the breaking of pangea
i'll never live to see that one down.
another red light, turns to green light, and i make the shade
hide my eyes from the stranger
who looks like danger from across the way, looks like
a night of trouble and a lifetime of green lawns
big cars
and dogs
maybe at this point who could wish for more?
  me. i'd rather die a thousand deaths than live a grey life
  that's more than i've even pictured in the last five minutes
i'd rather die with your smell in my hair, wrapped around a 
telephone pole
than live their lives; 
a simulacrum of 'real' and 'good' and 'true'. well,
is real and true and even good
at times--and how does that fit into your 
pretty little picture?
but i fall into the trap and take a trip upon your visions where it is 
revealed that
your indifference to difference 
molds the core for our disaster:
but tonight, i guess,
is not the night for suicide.

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