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REBEKAH HEARN loves it with a K

"the more people die, the more people remain the same."
--Chuck Palahniuk

To the Unlikely Stories home pageIn my article this month, I rant a little about would-be confessional poets who overuse the word "I." rebekah hearn meanwhile, is the actual acheivement that all those lesser poets are shooting for. Through her fearless dissection of herself she flawlessly dissects her readers. When reading her poems, you gets the feeling that she's peered into your thoughts and understood every nuance. Her poems vibrate with hidden meanings and subtle symbols that demand multiple readings.

rebekah says, "i am a college student at the university of oregon, but i am from memphis, tn. i study comparative literature and journalism and french and i plan to go to grad school in a couple of years. it sounds like a lot and you're right. i have been writing poetry forever and i am just waiting for the right moment to unleash my work upon the world in book form. ... ok, actually i am waiting for someone to express interest in my book--besides my friends and family who are obligated to." Drop her a line at Xoanon99@aol.com.

rebekah's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

just another red light
across the world
thoughts after spring break
a living pandora, bright and shiny
dinner conversation