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a living pandora, bright and shiny.

pet my anger not because you
care. because you can do
nothing about it. so pet. what. can i afford you
to open a Pandora's box of every
negative emotions.  not exactly a 
palatable experience.
become inebriated with joy   
at murderous thoughts. oh
i understand
the minds of the great madmen
when i am in
what use to try and salvage
an effete lover
for the sake of love. love
lasts forever, but is only manifested 
as long as you both
can admit to it. 
like the songs of the Sirens it 
pulls you in further than you want to be.
when i love
we shrink. hide. 
yet no one wants to be the leftovers 
of defunct love. 
and i tensely wait
for you to suggest
something. else. 
oh will you

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