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dinner conversation

(did i ever tell you
that you had beautiful eyes
and they had this way
        ((this way))
of smiling at the strangest things
their way of staring at something
  yet seeing something completely different...)

aching frown
coming down onto our conversation
turning the mutest points
into butter so that they may 
melt over us.  that always
confused me; i was stamped with an 
impression of what i couldn't understand. 
yet   you are still angry with me
for trying to drink it all at once. 

(have i ever mentioned
     your mouth              
tightening  as you are thinking
screwed up face
contemplating  mesmerizing
surrounding your surroundings)

feeble attempts at condoling
your losses-because i 
just keep failing to understand
  what it is you lost. 
you keep hounding my property
wanting to be let in
but i never told you 
just     how high i
built my fence-

(while holding hands i find that 
indepth reasoning has 
brought us to this-
  clamping    grasping        clutching       positively hanging
to something we still don't know is

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