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SETH TOSI MCMILLAN pishes and poshes

To the Unlikely Stories home pageoooh, baby picsThe weird and abstract poems of Seth Tosi McMillan are filled with wild and exciting imagery, bizarre appeals to the Almighty and the Universe, and discussions of libido, tattoos, and the pressures placed on human beings. These poems are carefully wrapped in layers of sophisticated symbolism, leaving you with impressions that stimulate the mind and leave you hungry for more.

Seth Tosi McMillan is twenty-nine years of age, and is still trying to figure his life out. When he gets to be alone, heís not with his wife or instructing yoga, he thinks about members of his family that he hasnít contacted in a while, guilt penetrating inside him like an eager termite. And the next day he drives through the woods in his car, silently remarking at how beautiful Maine is in the late spring.

He produces internal abstractions, ever struggling to furnish them in writing. Heís never written, and probably never will write the perfect piece. He doesnít get off on publicity, although heís had his share of it. What makes him most pleased is general honesty and integrity, as it is his belief that this type of liberality makes us bearable.

To fill his life with meaning heís created a developing online arts and literary journal called SpaceBreather. Drop him a line at creative_duality@yahoo.com.

Seth's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

I can't go to sleep
zero zippo
5 am
the last of the laughers laughs last
Pressure Shutters
The People Started Glowing
Rippling Hill
Paper Tigers
from Good Hock