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The Small-Winged Angel

There's a legend in heaven, maybe some of you've heard
Of an angel with wings, like that of a bird.
They're not much to look at and don't help him to fly
And the other angels laugh while passing him by,
So one day he decided he'd go ask God why.

Why was he given these miniscule wings?
They don't help him to fly or to do other things.
So he told all his friends he was going to the throne.
And they said, "Okay, but you're going alone.
"We wish not to anger him.  Everyone knows
Of His temper.  But do let us know how it goes."
So the small-winged angel went off to see God
And hoped, at the worst, it would be merely odd.
For few angels had seen God's wrath and survived it.
Most of them glad to be of deprived it.
He'd heard of an angel who wanted a raise,
They had been paid in dollars back in those days.
He went to God to ask for more bread
God looked at him and, without a word said,
Threw him down and proceeded to shit on his head.
There was also an angel who knew not of God's wrath
And once while His Holiness was crossing her path,
She didn't bow, but only said "hi."
And so he beat her until she could no longer cry.
Nonetheless the small-winged angel did go.
He had to ask God.  "I simply must know
Why I was cursed with these ungiving wings
Why I can't fly around and do angelic things."
So he went and asked God, and you know what He said?
"Rather than enlarge your wings, I'll cut your legs off instead."
And with that, he took out a large battle axe
And now the angel no longer wears slacks.
In fact, now he flies wherever he goes.
The moral, you ask?  Well, everyone knows.
"Love all you have, or else one day,
Our forgiving God may come take it away."

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